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Designing a monetization and live streaming
platform for musicians



Branding, Design,
Interaction and UX




Design System
iOS app


The global music industry is worth over $50 billion, while live music makes up over 50% of the total revenue and is derived mainly from selling tickets for live performances. Given this, COVID-19 has hit hard for the music industry, and the biggest impact for musicians was the live performance revenue. We partnered up with BoomRoom founders to help their vision and support artists and reveal their work to the world.

Listening to live music brings out the emotions of fans that's different from the experience of listening to recorded music. These feelings and emotions are enhanced from very tiny details like visual stimuli, and even from the aromas produced by the venues. Also, venues like local bars had always been breathing mini-institutions in their own right, each venue with its unique capacity to incubate local bands and artists. They connect these artists to the communities of like-minded show attendees, that these spaces attract.

So, how might we envision a future where BoomRoom becomes “one of these” familiar venues that evoke such feelings through a digital platform with its unique characteristics? And how might we empower musicians with digital tools to monetize their offerings? The project began with these challenges in hand and was completed with the delivery of a comprehensive offering including digital strategy, branding, UI/UX, and design system for continuous development.

Live streaming - Designing to immerse the user into the experience

We worked with the founding team to bring concert-like interactivity to the platform and to design an experience that's familiar to real live music fans. We included features such as buying a beer to musicians, the tip jar & holding up the lighter to show appreciation and immerse themselves into the groove. With 100% of the tips goes to the musicians, this holistic live streaming experience has become the core functionality of the platform where every party comes together.


Brand - Set the stage to become the stage

The goal of creating visual identity was very clear. First of all, it should enhance the brand of the artist, as artists themselves have the power to bring in more users to the platform. And then, it should lead the centering focus to live performance. So, we tried to reimagine the “stage” and tried to surround the brand mood inspired by the performance stage where artists usually perform.