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How we helped to redefine experience and
design of a math learning game



Animation, Branding,
Interaction and UX




Character modeling,
Branding & UX

The Challenge was...

NumberSense is an AI-Assisted app designed to help kids pre-master their foundational math skills. The app gamifies math learning, fosters critical thinking, and guides children to master Number Sense Skills.

When the founder of NumberSense reached out to us, they already had an app published in the Store. However, they saw the need to gain more organic traction. So the NumberSense team partnered up with us to redesign their visual identity and in-game experience to gain traction from one of the difficult user groups.

We started our challenge as “How might we make an app that a pre-k child would love using while teaching them fundamental mental models of math on the fly?”.

The Friendly Monsters

Most things in life are perceived in a bad light, but in reality, they give us the biggest advantages in life. They may look tough, but once you become friends with them, and understand the principles behind their behaviors, you fall in love with them— like math! With early testing, the center of attraction for kids in the app was the concept of “Friendly Monsters”. And that used to receive a great response from the kids. We re-imagined these characters to be more vibrant, inviting and interactive while keeping the familiar concept.

Gamification of math learning

We faced the challenge of re-imagining the number board gameplay experience. The goal was for it to be more intuitive and easy to understand. The experience we designed provides instant feedback. This feature made the gameplay more dynamic, fun and gave the feeling of accomplishment-centered gratification to kids while keeping the familiar concept.

Delightful interactions

Throughout the entire game, everything seems to delightfully jump around and pop off the screen. Each of these moments is designed not only to help the user understand what's going on, but put a little smile on their face.

Bringing engagement

After brainstorming with the founder and his team we also came up with the concept “Monster Marketplace”, where parents can purchase their kids' favorite number sense monsters from coins they’ve earned playing the game, making the game even more engaging.