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Check out a few
recent projects

We’ve worked with small and large companies. We help nimble startups think like unicorns, and we help big brands think like nimble startups.

Kronologic: Effortless efficiency

How we designed a landing page and scalable design system for a B2B sales automation scaleup .

Navigate: New patient experience

How we built a healthcare platform to provide a seamless educational experience for cataract patients.

BoomRoom: Live.Music.Radio

How we built a monetization and live streaming platform for musicians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Numbersense: Monsters who can do maths

How we redesigned the visual identify and user experience of the a ed-tech startup.

Mobile Maintainance: From paper to digital

How we digitally transformed the traditional process of a market leader.

Recharger - Quick recharge

How we built a top-trending app in the Play Store.